"cough sounds" or "coughing sounds"


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Do the following terms both work?

"I can hear cough/coughing sounds all the way from here. "

I suspect both are correct, because it's like "the finish line" (in a race), some people call it "the finishing line" instead.

  • e2efour

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    I have only heard coughing sound in BE. If you want a noun + noun, I can only think of cough drops at the moment, although I'm sure there are more examples. :)


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    I'm not sure. When you say "coughing sounds" it could almost seem as if the sounds are doing the coughing.

    "cough sounds" sounds okay to me, but "coughing sounds" does too.


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    Or, depending on context, just "coughs" or "coughing."

    We haven't been told whether this is actual coughing, or just a noise that sounds like coughing.
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