Coughing lungs out meaning?


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Hi, I have a question.
What does "Coughing lungs out" mean?
I don't get it the meaning of "lungs out" actually.....
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    A sentence would be really helpful here - you should always give us a complete sentence if at all possible. But what "coughing your/my/our lungs out" usually means is "coughing extraordinarily hard." It's hyperbole - the person doesn't literally cough his lungs out, but he coughs very hard.


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    Oh, I got it thanks. I saw that sentence on someone's blog. She just wrote 'coughing lungs out.' not a full sentence. Anyway thank you very much.


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    "She was coughing her lungs out" is a usage similar to "she was crying her eyes out". These are just expressions meaning coughing very hard or crying very hard; neither her lungs nor her eyes were coming out of her body.
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