could do with something


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"could do with something : to need or want something. I could have done with some help this morning."

I have difficulty in understanding the phrase "could do with something"
I'd like to know why "could do with something" means "to need or want something".
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    I haven't got a clue why the phrase means "to need or want something", but I can give you some examples.
    - I could do with a cold beer right now.
    - We could do with a little more quiet! We're trying to study!
    - You could do with a haircut.
    - That guy could do with some common sense.
    - What would you like to have most right now? / I could do with a rich boyfriend!


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    If I wanted to add emphasis, I would say 'I could really do with a cold beer right now'.
    'I could do so good with....' sounds incorrect to me.
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