could have been much more [nuanced]


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The quotation comes from Barack Obama visit: Stick with EU, US president urges UK - BBC News

Quotation: BBC North America editor John Sopel said the president had not needed to make his intervention and could have been much more nuanced.

"That he has is a mark of the profound concern felt in Washington about the implications of a British departure from the EU," he said

However, BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said a Brexit-supporting cabinet minister had stressed that Obama's view "was not the settled view in the USA. The Republicans don't agree and there is disquiet at his blatant meddling in UK politics".
Hi everyone! What does "nuanced" mean here?
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    I think this is a fairly new use of "nuanced" - what they obviously mean here is less partisan, more neutral, less clearly opinionated.

    I think it is hard for one person to be nuanced in the traditional use of the word. In my mind, we really need to see smal differences between one thing and another to use nuance "accurately". It is all about a subtle DIFFERENCE. How can one man's talk be nuanced? But this use you have found is spreading, for sure!
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