Could it be 'you' and 'anyone' in one sentence?


Hi everyone.

I am not sure of pronouns in this sentence of mine:
In front of a person who you like, the first thing that anyone would concern is your own appearance.

Could I use 'anyone' after saying 'you' to mean generic people?
Or should it be 'everyone' instead of 'anyone'?
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    If you use "you" in the first part you need to use "you" in the second part: anyone/everyone does not work.

    To use "anyone" in the second part, use "they" instead of "you" if you don't know the gender, or "he" or "she" if you do.

    Or you can use "one" in all places.


    Right. Thank you!
    I think I'd like to rewrite it then, (though actually this is a translation of someone's sentence in my native tongue and it's in order just like the original..)

    The first thing anyone concerns in front of someone they like is most likely their own appearance.

    How is this?

    Well, I feel like saying it with 'we'..
    How about like this?

    The first thing we will concern in front of someone we like is most likely our own appearances.


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    The "anyone" version is good, and the "we" one is even better. The only problem is the verb "concern". With the verb "concern", the person feeling it is the object of the verb, not the subject. The subject may be the thing that is bothering us, or we may use a reflexive "we concern ourselves about"

    The first thing anyone concerns, in front:cross:
    The first thing anyone is concerned about, in front:tick:

    The first thing that concerns us, in front of:tick:
    The thing that concerns us the most, in front of:tick:

    We also use the noun:

    The first concern we have, in front of...:tick:
    The main/biggest concern we have, in front of...:tick:


    Right. It's "Something concerns me" and "I am concerned about something".
    Thanks, Doji and Gren, for the alternatives! :)
    I'm actually studying about "of" too. :)
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