Could to be taken away mean to be separated?

Anne Frank

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Hi there! Translating this currently.
In the entry of July 22 1942 there are such words:
I have to write to silence the pain. Such a terrible, grim time. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We expect families to be taken away.
The question is: could families to be taken away have meant to be separated?
I mean the whole sentence could be We expect families to be separated ( means somebody will be taken away soon from the families)or could it only mean, that they expect the whole families to be driven away anywhere?
the difficulty is it's a polish girl wartime diary translated into English
  • Jektor

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    It means that whole families will be taken away.
    If the meaning was "separated" it would be:
    "We expect families to be separated"
    You could combine the two meanings as:
    "We expect families to be separated (or broken up) as people are arrested one by one and taken away"


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    They expect them to be taken away as entire families, very likely to be killed.
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