could use a bit of work

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法语 / French (FR)
Hi there,

I get to practice my German every day in Germany but I'm not too happy with my accent. I need to work on it.
Can I say, 'My German accent could use a bit of work'? Can you think of a more natural way to say it?

Thanks in advance.
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    American English
    I think that's fine. An alternative – but no better – is "My German accent needs some work" or "My German accent could use some work."

    I say "a bit of <something>" but I don't think most AE speakers use it much.


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    USA, English
    I'm a bit fond of it myself. :)
    I may have used "a bit" on occasion, but certainly not often. I don't think it is very commonly used in the USA, however I doubt anyone would raise their eyebrows if they heard it here.

    I would more likely use "a bit" than "a tad".
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