Could you kindly ask him to please send me a reply?

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  1. Peter561038 New Member

    How do you say "please" in the following sentence - is it "s'il le plait"? - "Could you kindly ask him to please send me a reply as soon as possible?"
  2. Yendred Senior Member

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    Not "s'il le plait", but I would say something like "s'il veut bien", "s'il peut", etc.

    "s'il te plait / s'il vous plait" are idiomatic phrases that are only used in this form.
  3. aeb31 Senior Member

    "Pourrais-tu lui demander de bien vouloir me répondre au plus vite ?"
  4. Peter561038 New Member

    Thank you very much Yendred and aeb31 - that is exactly the clarification I was looking for!:)

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