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    How would you ask a stranger politely to do something in Japanese? Similar to how in English we say "could you please" followed by the requested action.
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    How about using Sumimasenga, (Excuse me, but)?
    On an email you send to a stranger: Could you send me email back?
    Sumimasenga, mail wo hensin shite kudasaimasuka?
    If you want to cut Sumimasenga, you can. This is strictly not English excuse me or I'm sorry and works like a light introduction before talking about the main topic.

    Sounds too exaggerate? Non-native Japanese users know better, don't you?
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    If you can read Japanese, have a look at under 丁寧さの順番. This gives a list of request-based expressions starting with the most polite/humble down to the most direct orders. If talking politely to a stranger, especially someone older than you, you might want to use one of the top 3 (目上・客): [書い]ていただきたいんですが, [書い]ていただけませんか or [書い]てくださいませんか. But depending on how polite you want to be, you could also use some of the 一般的な相手 expressions.

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