Could you tell me when or if the train arrives later on?

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--Excuse me. Could you tell me ___ later on?
--Wait a minute. It is coming in ten minutes.

A. if the next train arrives
B. when the next train arrives
C. if the next train will arrive
D. when will the next train arrive

The answer key is B. But I think A and C are also OK. Maybe the first person wants to know if the train will be canceled or not. What do you say?

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    That is a really weird sentence in my opinion, because the "later on" contradicts the meaning of "the next train". :confused: The only interpretation I can put on it is that the person doesn't want to know now what time the next train arrives, he wants to know later on - possibly when the train does actually arrive. But that seems to be contradicted by the second person's answer. :(

    It would work more idiomatically as "Could you tell me if there is another train later on?" or just "Could you tell me when the next train arrives?" (which is more or less option B)

    The word order in (D) is wrong, but I suppose you could regard both (A) and (C) as having the meaning "Is the next train likely to have been delayed?"
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