couleurs qui invitent à la fête

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American English

It's about Chanel earrings, and I am not sure what this should be in English :

Un ballet de pierres de couleurs qui invitent à la fête et à la célébration de l’instant.

My attempt:

A flurry of colored stones that invites us to the celebration of the moment.

I know this isn't good and I keep going round and round. :(
  • jetset

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    Maybe the author was inspired by a sparkling disco ball that casts its colours and thus invites to dance?

    'A festival of reflections: these coloured stones invite you to a festive day' ?


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    French (Provence)
    do you think it should end with "that entice you into celebrating the moment" or something analogous to "de l'instant"?
    I think "célébration de l'instant" has an epicurean connotation (carpe diem/ seize the day) if it's not too daring I'd go for : "that entice you into an epicurean celebration"
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