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    As in a most excellent Lamborghini model name, and in the Piemonteis dialect, a very 'hot' young lady. But what does this word, 'countach' mean (both literally and in the colloquial usage in Italy? ).

    I am also interested in finding other such words in Italian and Italian dialects for women and their attributes and such-like.
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    It's an exclamation - described HERE.

    It's also my "dream car".:)
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    Hey this is weird. You're in LA and I'm in Orange County and I was assuming you were in Italy, or somewhere in Europe, I don't know why, and worrying about what time zone you were in. Anyway, maybe you can help me in my search for colloquial Italian phrases. Right now I need some words or phrases that Italian men use when they see a gorgeous babe, it's for an article I'm writing. Do you know a good book for that, or a website?

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