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"Since that time, people have suggested that the EU and the US should have done more to support Khatami. More could have been done. At the time, there were various "conflicting counter‑indications. Western intelligence services, taking their lead from the CIA, and shaping up to depict Iran as the bogey to slot into the space vacated by the Soviet Union, were broadly in agreement with each other that nothing good could be expected from Iran under the Islamic Republic."

Counter‑indications is a medical concept, but I couldn't understand what that means in this context.
  • Chez

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    It just means 'signs or warnings against a course of action'

    In medicine, it is about potential bad reactions to drugs.

    In a political situation it is about potential bad outcomes of a particular action.

    The pianist

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    Given that there are various indications that run counter to the the prevailing way of thinking in the intelligence agencies, you might call these "counter-indications".

    The medical term you speak of is "contraindications". There is a difference, ergo, the choice of words.
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