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Chaucer said:
Hey, and I say "Hey!" because I want to counter the huge impression of "reckon" as backwoods or country or bumpkin in connotation, and so limited to quaint use by the sophisticated or educated, or to those less than. It is not. Many people of all stations and walks of life have it in their vocabulary. I use it as much as I use, for example, "well, considering", and I am not a country bumpkin or rural.
The excerpt comes from a thread titled Reckon.
Who is a (country) bumpkin, please? I couldn't find the term in any dictionary, is it a typical American word?
When do you use this word?
Is it offensive?

Thanks in advance,
  • GenJen54

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    A country bumpkin' describes a person from the "country" or from a largely rural and agricultural area. There is usually a connotation that a "bumpkin' " is poorly-educated.

    Edit: One also hears the words hayseed, rube, or in my part of the US, hick.
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