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Discussion in 'Cultural Discussions' started by Cracker Jack, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Hi to all my colleague forum users. Exactly a month from now, we will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the United Nations. In view of this, I am preparing an activity for a conversation class. I would like to solicit your help.

    Can you please provide me the nickname of your respective countries or how your people usually refer to it. Among the more famous monikers are that of Japan known as "The Land ofthe Rising Sun" or Norway "The Land of the Midnight Sun." My country of origin, Philippines is known to us as "Pearl of the Orient" or "The Catholic Nation of Asia." among others.

    In the US, every state has its nickname from "Heart of Dixie/Camelia State" to "Equality State/Cowboy State." Also, some cities have their famous nicknames like New York - The Big Apple, Rome - The Eternal City or Paris - The City of Lights/La Ville Lumière, etc.

    If there is any link related to this, it would also be appreciated. Please do not give official names such as Republic of... or Kingdom of... Thanks a great deal.
  2. LV4-26

    LV4-26 Senior Member

    France is sometimes referred to as l'Hexagone because of its general shape.
    Avignon is la Cité des Papes.

    I can't think of any more right now.:(
  3. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Just do an internet search for state nicknames or city nicknames, like this one. None of the cities in the area where I live have nicknames, that I know of. Good luck.
  4. anangelaway

    anangelaway Senior Member

    ''Avignon is la Cité des Papes', then my hometown Toulouse is reffered as "'La Ville Rose'' or "La cité des violettes''.
    I was amazed to discover all the other cities nicknames as well... such as Montpellier ''La surdouée''... Check Here France, etc..

  5. Artrella Banned

    Buenos Aires is known as "La Reina Del Plata"; Mar del Plata is known as "La Perla del Atlántico" o "La Feliz".
    Then the province of Salta is also known as "Salta La Linda"; Tucumán is "El Jardín de la República"... I don't remember anything else...
  6. Vanda

    Vanda Moderesa de Beagá

    Belo Horizonte, BRASIL
    Português/ Brasil
    For Brazil I don't think we have a particular nickname. Some would say:
    The Soccer Country, The Samba Country, The Carnival Country.
    But the two main cities in Brazil , for example, do have nicknames:
    Rio de Janeiro , the Wonderful City; São Paulo, The Mist Land.
    And almost every town has its nickname, my hometown Ubá - of course
    noboby has never heard of it - is called "Cidade Carinho" (Spanish:
    cariño) , and I think "The Caress City" in English.
  7. foxfirebrand

    foxfirebrand Senior Member

    The Northern Rockies
    Southern AE greatly modified by a 1st-generation Scottish-American mother, and growing up abroad.
    My state Montana is "The Treasure State," so called because of the mining industry. Idaho right next door is "The Gem State" for the same reason. Montana is also unofficially called "Big Sky Country."

    The U.S. of course is "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave."
  8. Sparkle Member

    Braga, Portugal
    Portugal (Portuguese)
    Hi there Cracker Jack! Very interesting topic!:)

    I live in Portugal - my country is known as "The three F's country" : Fado (music), Fátima (religion), and Futebol (football).

    The city I live in, Braga, is known as "Cidade dos Arcebispos" (The Archbishops City). People also refer to Braga as the "Portuguese Rome"; all because of its history and our numerous churches and cathedrals...

    Hope that helped!

  9. lauranazario

    lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Puerto Rico is known as La Isla del Encanto, The Island of Enchantment

  10. MiriamArg Senior Member

    River-Plate Spanish/English
    Hello, everyone. :)

    This is my first post to these forums.
    I can contribute a couple of nicknames for cities in my country (Argentina): Buenos Aires is also called "la París de Sudamérica", and Rosario was known -a long time ago- as "la Chicago argentina".

  11. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Thanks a lot for your overwhelming responses. My list is now saturated. Since the search I made through search engines gave me entries that were dicrete, the results were articles which contained the words I entered in the search separately.

    I already have the nicknames of the 50 states fromthe 2005 World Almanac. I have also noted the link from wikipedia. Thanks a lot once again.
  12. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    My state, Maryland, is also called "America in Miniature". Of the sites that I browsed through in Fenix's link, this nickname wasn't very popular!

    We are sometimes called "America in Miniature" because we have so much jam packed in a little state (geographically and historically)! Because we have much land and water, you can find almost every natural feature (besides a desert) here.
  13. Mariaguadalupe

    Mariaguadalupe Senior Member

    Mexico, Spanish-English
    Hello everyone!

    My country, México is known as "Tierra Azteca". Several of our cities also have nicknames, to name just a couple:

    Guadalajara, Jalisco--Perla Tapatía
    Monterrey, Nuevo León--La Sultana del Norte

  14. murena Senior Member

    Sydney, Australia
    Mexico / Spanish
    Mexico is also known as Mexicalpan de las Tunas

    And some cities in Mexico:
    Mexico City is El Defectuoso
    Pachuca is La bella airosa
    Mérida is La ciudad blanca

    I don't remember any other, sorry
  15. belén

    belén Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    Barcelona is called "La ciudad condal" ("The count city" because it used to be a count land)
    San Sebastián is known as "La bella Easo" - The beautiful Easo...
    Mallorca is known as "La Isla de la Calma" - The quiet island.
  16. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Hi Belen. Thanks a lot. I am in Barcelona but I don't know it's nickname. I used to hear about it but I thought it wasn't official. What about Catalunya nad Spain? I'd also like to know how they are called. And also Madrid, if possible. Again thanks.
  17. Isis

    Isis Member

    Philippines Filipino,English,Spanish,Chinese and Bahasa Melayu
    Denmark - Land of the Little Mermaid
    Trinidad and Tobago - Land of Gypsies and Calypsos
    Hong Kong - Pearl of the Orient (It is no longer the Philippines who hold that name)
    Mongolia - Land of Genghis Khan
    Switzerland - Land of Milk and Honey
    Australia - Land Down Under
    India - Land of Prayes

    Philippine Cities and Municipalities

    Bacolod City - City of Smile
    Cebu City - City Of Golden Friendship
    Baguio City - City of Pines
    Cavite City - City of Lights
    Angeles City - City of "Angels"
    Dagupan City - City of Milk Fish
  18. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Thanks a lot Isis. That's a handful that you contributed. You even had some from our very own. Is that so? I never knew that HongKong is now the Pearl of the Orient.
  19. Aupick

    Aupick Senior Member

    Strasbourg, France
    UK, English
    I've heard Corsica referred to as the 'Île de la beauté'.

    I confess I'd never heard of 'La surdouée' for Montpellier, not even from the megalomaniac ex-mayor, but 'la citée phocéenne' for Marseille, 'la ville rose' for Toulouse and 'la ville-lumière (or even in English, City of Lights) are very common, especially from TV weather presenters.
  20. Yes, neither did I (since when?). And -
    Zamboanga City - Ciudad de Flores or City of Flowers
  21. Isis

    Isis Member

    Philippines Filipino,English,Spanish,Chinese and Bahasa Melayu
    Denada Cracker Jack! I will be giving you more when I get back to my personal library where I kept my notes in World History during my secondary years.

    The change was made early 1996 because when I visited Hong Kong at that time, they got key chains and shirts printed with "Pearl of the Orient" and when I asked my tutor and guide from the Philippines, he told me that they (Hong Kong) already got the title from us!

    I guess Hong Kong can't use a title unless it is still being used by other countries! And she deserves it!
  22. Edher

    Edher Senior Member

    Cd. de México, Spanish & English

    Ouch Murena,

    Que mala onda Murena. Todavias te paso eso de "Chilangolandia" pero "El Defectuoso" ahora si te pasaste de lanza. LOL. Original eh, nunca lo habia escuchado.

    Jalisco is also known as "La Tierra de los Machos--Donde los hombres, van con los hombres."

    "The land of the 'real men'---Where men go together"

    Meh, not as good in English. LOL

  23. Isis

    Isis Member

    Philippines Filipino,English,Spanish,Chinese and Bahasa Melayu
    Edher, con qué usted significa "La Tierra de los Machos--Donde los hombres, van con los hombres."

    "The land of the 'real men'---Where men go together".

    ¡apenas una pregunta!
  24. Anna Più

    Anna Più Senior Member

    Catalonia, Catalan
    Hi Cracker Jack,
    I know that Bologna (Italia) is knoun as "la rossa, la dotta e la grassa" = Bologna the red, Bologna the well-read or "the learned" , and Bologna the fat.

    The red, for it's leftist politic tendencies and for the color of roofs and walls...
    The well-read, for it's oldest university in Europe and academic tradition
    The fat, for have one's of the richest culinary tradition in Italy

  25. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Anna my friend, would you happen to know how Catalunya is known? Or perhaps the nickname of Spain too?
  26. Anna Più

    Anna Più Senior Member

    Catalonia, Catalan
    Hi Cracker Jack! As I’m very shure which is the nick of Bologna, I’m not so shure wich one is for Catalunya … very sad, I know… I have heard “Catalunya, terra d’acollida” (Catalunya, land of welcome/acceptance) and also “Catalunya, terra de castells” (Catalunya, land of castles). Maybe wanting to give the imagine of a country with a lot of history inside, collected since years…
    I’m curious too.
    Can someone help us to discover wich is “THE NICK” ?
    In the meantime I’ll do some research! (also for Spain).
    See you soon!

  27. belén

    belén Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    I think Spain is called La Piel de Toro because the map has the shape of a bull...
  28. josama Senior Member

    Bogotá, Colombia
    Colombia, Spanish

    My country, COLOMBIA, is know among us its citizens as "El país del Sagrado Corazón" (The country of the Sacred Heart) We use that in afunny way, because of the strange, magical-realistic sort of things that only happen here, "en el País del Sagrado Corazón".

    Some people will refer to our country as "Macondo" (because of García Márquez's "Hundred years of solitude")

    Bogotá, Colombian capital, was before known as "La Atenas suramericana" (The South American Athens), because its inhabitants were supposed to be very well educated. Of course, that's not true anymore, so we mock it calling it "La apenas suramericana" (The hardly South American)

    See you :)
  29. CLEMENTINE Senior Member

    I would have suggested : Switzerland - land of Chocolate and Gruyère ;)

    Japan: country of the rising sun

  30. winnie

    winnie Senior Member

    italy, italian

    due to its shape it's called 'lo stivale' (the boot)
    my Country is also named 'il bel Paese' (the beautiful Country) either for its landscapes or the great concentration of works of art.
  31. Pablochopper New Member

    Alicante, España
    United Kingdom English
    This is my first post....

    Ireland is known as "The Emerald Isle" and my home city of Birmingham, England is known as "The City of One Thousand Trades". I can't think of any nicknames for England or London though....
  32. Anna Più

    Anna Più Senior Member

    Catalonia, Catalan
    Hi all and welcome to the forum Pablochopper !

    I ‘m thinking that nicknames for countries have a lot of intentions behind… trade intentions, tourist intentions, politic intentions... then is dificult to choose the NICK NAME… the NiCK NAME can reduce the richness meanings and caracteristics of a country in a topic.

    What do you think?
    (Maybe this must be open in a new thread...?)

  33. jorge_val_ribera

    jorge_val_ribera Senior Member

    Bolivia is called "El corazón de Sudamérica" (The heart of South America), because it lies in the middle of the continent.
  34. Aupick

    Aupick Senior Member

    Strasbourg, France
    UK, English
    England, of course, is sometimes known as Albion. Don't listen to the French, though, if they try and tell you the true nickname is Perfidious Albion. It's not true! :D

    I should also add Blighty, a nickname that goes back to the First World War, although I'm not sure if it applies to England or to Britain.

    And I'd like to claim that my hometown of Manchester is known as 'Venice of the North', but I think anyone who says that is just taking the p*ss.
  35. Jonegy Senior Member

    UK - English

    You beat me to it on Albion, which made me think of the old european names of Gaul, Hispania and Lusitania........ Any others come to mind??

    Another thought was where the USA is known as "Uncle Sam", the UK is "John Bull" (and going on the verbal effluence of our politicians, the name is more than apt. ;) )

    I may have been mistaken, but in Portugal I am pretty sure I heard Coimbra being called "Univercidade". (possibly the reason for "City of Students" ). Any clarification by Lusitanos would be appreciated. ;)

    Re: Manchester - I have heard that if it wasn't for the Ship Canal draining away the rain - it would be like Venice. :D
  36. Swettenham

    Swettenham Senior Member

    The Commonwealth of Virginia: "The Old Dominion"

    We are, after all, historically preeminent among the states. We are also home to the first permanent settlement in the English colonies, Jamestowne (est. 1607).

    Yes, I'm a nerd. :p

    Washington, DC: Chocolate City.
  37. irisheyes0583 Senior Member

    San José, Costa Rica
    English (USA)
    Hooray for Virginia... thanks, Swettenham!

    The USA is called "the melting pot" because we are a like a stew, with a little bit of everything thrown in.

    Philadelphia is call "The City of Brotherly Love".
  38. Javier-Vega Senior Member

    Mexico espanol
    Mexico is also known as "El ombligo de la luna" (the navel of the moon). The origin of the name "Mexico" is nahuatl (that is, aztec), and one of its possible meanings is that.

    Cuernavaca is "la ciudad de la eterna primavera" (the city of ethernal spring). I think there are several other cities in Latin America with that same nickname.
  39. Made me remember: The Philippines is then known as "Juan dela Cruz" (or it's people, that is).

    Correct me please if I am wrong.
  40. nikvin Senior Member

    UK/France English/French/Spanish
    I believe Spain got its earlier name as land of the rabbits, and Andalucia, as land of the vandals, which may become appropriate again with the "invasion " sadly
    of so many English lager lout types! and the name Gibraltar comes from jib al tarik, the mountain of tarik
  41. Javier-Vega Senior Member

    Mexico espanol
    murena y Edher estan hablando de apodos humoristicos que se utilizan para burlarse de las distintas regiones.

    La ciudad de Mexico es oficialmente "El Distrito Federal", abreviado "El D.F." (que se pronuncia "el defe"). Por eso, algunos, como murena, completan a "el defectuoso" (lleno de defectos).

    Por su lado, Jalisco utiliza para si mismo el lema de "La tierra donde se dan los hombres" y otros (no jaliscienses, pos supuesto), como Edher, lo completan de este modo: "La tierra donde se dan los hombres, los unos a los otros".

    Son apodos ("nicknames") agresivos, especialmente el de Jalisco. No recomiendo el decirselo a un jalisciense, si quieren salir vivos.
    Con el "defectuoso" no creo que haya problemas. Hasta a mi que soy "chilango" (defeño, habitante de la ciudad de Mexico) me parece gracioso.
  42. Carolina Rocío

    Carolina Rocío Senior Member

    Perú, Español
    In Peru, the city of Cusco is known as "el ombligo del mundo" (the center -navel- of the world) as this is how the Incas called it.
  43. zoe_k Member

    U.S. English
    This is a fun topic :D

    My state, Connecticut, is called the Constitution State or (unofficially) the Nutmeg State.
    New Haven, CT is called the Elm City due to the prevalence of elm trees.

    I found a website with a list of city nicknames all around the world (and a list of other websites with similar lists) but I can't post URLs yet!! :(
    Here are a handful to whet your appetite:
    Aberdeen, Scotland = the Granite City
    Gotland, Sweden = Pearl of the Baltic
    Alexandria, Egypt=the Pearl of the Mediterranean (What's with all the pearls?)
    Bangkok, Thailand = the Venice of the East
    St. Petersburg, Russia = the Venice of the North
    Beaver, OK, USA = Cow Chip throwing capital of the world :D (hehe)
    Jerusalem = City of Peace

    Happy nickname hunting!
  44. zebedee

    zebedee Senior Member

    Valencia - Spain
    Gt. Britain - English
    I've heard of London being referred to as "The Old Smoke".

    One of Britain's nicknames is "Blighty". Or is that just England? Not sure. Anyone else know?
  45. josue_ernesto

    josue_ernesto Senior Member

    Spanish (ESP y MEX), American English
    My wife says that Hermosillo, Mexico is La Cuidad del Sol, and Toluca, Mexico is Toluca la Bella. I know that in Ecuador, when you ask someone where they are from, they will first tell you either, La Costa, or La Sierra, and then thier city. We'll try to think of some more.
  46. josue_ernesto

    josue_ernesto Senior Member

    Spanish (ESP y MEX), American English
    Epsaña se conoce como La Tierra del Toro
  47. asm Senior Member

    New England, USA
    Mexico, Spanish
    La ciudad de Mexco es la ciudad de los palacios (Dicho por Alejandro von Humboldt)
  48. Hakro

    Hakro Senior Member

    Helsinki, Finland
    Finnish - Finland
    Finland is the Land of Thousand Lakes, and its capital, Helsinki, is the Daughter of the Baltic sea.

    Also Ontario/Canada has the same nickname, and in the US there are several Thousand Lakes areas or regions. Maybe we should change our nickname because one thousand is not the right number. Finland's nickname should be exactly the Land of 187 888 Lakes.

    Finland is also called Maiden Finland or Miss Finland because on the map it has the form of a young woman: you can see her head, one arm, a small waist and a large skirt, and a glimpse of her left foot. Unfortunately Soviet Union took her right arm and right foot 60 years ago.
  49. tonch Senior Member

    English, Sydney - Australia
    I'm sure no one cares about Australia lol, but some city/state nicknames here..

    Brisbane - Brizzy/Bris Vegas
    Sydney - The Olympic City
    Tasmania - Tazzie

    And the people from certain cities have special nicknames too

    Melbourne - Melbournians/Melbournites
    Sydney - Sydney siders
  50. nycphotography

    nycphotography Senior Member

    I do be learnin stuff
    John-Paul Miller, NYC
    Columbus Ohio is sometimes called "Test Market USA" due to its generic cross section of american taste (or the lack thereof).

    Here is LONG LIST of US cities.
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