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If you want s.o. to give you a brief description of the landscape you could them to describe the landscape, I suppose.

Could you also say: Please tell me about the countryside . ?

Or can't you use the word countryside here?

I've never found out about the exact difference between the two words.

  • Siberia

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    What is the countryside like around here?
    Landscape isn't necessary the countryside it could be the coastal scenery too. It means a section of the land that can be seen from a single viewpoint.


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    Countryside generally refers to a landscape in a rural setting.

    As Siberia noted, a landscape is a section of land that can be seen from a single, specific viewpoint.

    A landscape can be of a coastal or dessert area, mountain or garden view.
    Landscape can also describe the specific design used to create the external ambiance of a building or home. Landscape architects (as they are called in the US) are those who have studied how to use plants, ponds, sculptural pieces, and the "land" surrounding a building in order to create an inviting outdoor space.


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    A landscape can also be a picture of a view. Vince painted a beautiful coutryside landscape.
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