1. stellaw New Member

    UK english
    Hi there,

    anyone out there know this expression? I came across it in a review some time ago and do not know if it is a joke. It appears to refer to some kind of tropical madness. Could this definition be real?

  2. Missrapunzel

    Missrapunzel Senior Member

    French (France)
    I guess it depends on the context, as always. I don't know this expression to be related to a tropical madness.
    However, you may hear it for example if someone is facing a series of bad news and negative events, and one last event will be called "le coup de bambou". It is quite close to "the last straw that broke the camel's back".
    -> Et là, quand ma fille de 14 ans m'a dit qu'elle croyait être enceinte, c'était le coup de bambou!!
  3. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    2ème sens:
    une facture salée
  4. Missrapunzel

    Missrapunzel Senior Member

    French (France)
    une facture un peu trop chère mérite bien cette expression aussi. :)
  5. stellaw New Member

    UK english
    Thanks to all. Yes, 'the last straw' sounds about right.

  6. Softmint Member


    I'm sorry but I've never heard "coup de bambou" as a bad new.
    Here in the south, it's a familiar way to say you had a sunstroke or insolation.

    "On est resté toute la journée au soleil et j'ai eu le coup de bambou."
  7. doinel

    doinel Senior Member

    Southern France
    France French
    Tout comme un coup de barre ( facture salée) un coup de bambou peut être une grosse fatigue brutale, après un coup de soleil ou un choc émotionnel ...
  8. Softmint Member

    oui mais j'ai jamais entendu (en tous cas pas dans la région) coup de bambou pour une facture. Coup de barre ok, mais pas coup de bambou.

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