coup de tête

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in the context of a year out before university it says that one of the rules ot stick to is "ne partez pas sur coup de tete et preparez soigneusement votre voyage" this phrase has really confused me and so far all i cna get form it is dont leave over a head but/ knock to the head and go carefully on your journey? any help would be greatly appreciated :) x
  • lhb

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    ne partez pas sur un coup de tete = don't leave without thinking a lot of time on it, on the consequences,..... take your time to decide if it is a good thing


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    pieanne said:
    I think that it is equivalent to "at the drop of a hat".
    Salut Pieanne, :)
    en me basant sur les explications et illustrations fournies sur cette page, il me semble que je traduirais plutôt at the drop of a hat par sans la moindre hésitation ou en moins de temps qu'il ne faut pour le dire.
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