1. *princess* Member


    Could someone please give me a definition for 'une coup du monde' please because it doesn't give you a definition for it on this site.

    Also, I've noticed that 'coup' is used with many words, such as coup de feu, coup de fils etc...it seems that 'coup' can combine with many words to have different meanings. Is there a general meaning for it? I saw also on this site, 'coup' alone can mean the f word but it can also mean different things, so if i were to say 'coup' alone, what definition would the french take it as, (the normal meaning or the rude meaning)?

    Merci d'avance.
  2. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    If you add an "e" you have "coupe"
    And "coupe du monde" => world cup

    Edit: and if you use "coup" alone, we'll ask for some context:)
  3. BEEKEEPER Senior Member

    France French
    une coup du monde
    Since coup is masculine there must be a mistake, you should have written: une coupe du monde, a world cup
    As for the meaning of coup, there are so many meanings that the context is needed to give you a good explanation.
  4. *princess* Member

    wooops! sorry, seems like i really did miss out the 'e' for 'coup'.....:eek:

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