Couper la poire en deux


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Hi all in my quest to learn more idioms i have come across this one " nous allons couper le poire en deux" , does the this mean "that we are going to split the cost between us" ? Is it a current idiom that is used . cheers in advance. nathan
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    It means to compromise, to meet someone halfway, to split the difference.

    You are haggling about the price of a used car, for example. You offer 400 euros, the owner wants 600. Vous pouvez couper la poire en deux et vous mettre d'accord sur 500.


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    I had a phone call today regarding a secondhand stuf I was selling, and during this conversation we arrived at the negociation time, the guy wanted to give me 25, I wanted 35 for it...therefore, I wanted to say:
    Let's.....and I couldn't find my words:confused:...I wanted to say the english equivalent of the french expression "Couper la poire en deux".

    Would anyone know the english equivalent? :idea:

    Thanks in advance,