couplings that prevent gaps


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Hey everyone,

I am trying to translate the following, but I'm not sure about my use of "couplages" for couplings or "interstices" for gaps.

The context is: This is a product that has unique parts that are designed to be put together (couplings) when they are put together, they prevent any gaps in the product. The product is meant to float on water and suck up oil.

The English sentence is:
It has unique couplings that connect to prevent gaps.

In French I have:
Il a les couplages uniques qui raccordent pour prevenir les interstices.

Merci beaucoup!
  • Qui-oui

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    I don't really understand the context but I think it mean: " Il a des couplages uniques qui se raccordent pour éviter qu'il y ai des trous "


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    des jonctions de raccordement de conception unique pour éviter les interstices (entre deux barrages, par exemple - contexte: produits polluants)
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