Coupon clippers-shopping



I'm translating a math program for USA children where they explain situations in the real life where you use fractions (math operations).
One example says: Coupon clippers - shopping.

I understand the meaning of cutting coupons for getting discounts but I searched and I see that this seems to be a special service, like sending you different coupons together to get discounts in different items. How is it called this service in Spanish?

My try:
Servicio de Cuponera-para compras (I'm not sure because of the word "clippers")

Thank you for your help!
  • Jmbiker

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    I suppose the name may be different in different countries.
    In Spain, it would be "talonario de cupones" if you´re talking about a booklet, composed of coupons emmited by different shops/services in order to attract new customers.
    Another system, but it is off-topic, consist in accumulating coupons in order to get some article from a mall getting a certain discount..


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    There are also coupon clipping services that provide coupons according to the client's needs, for a fee. Those people might be called "coupon clippers" as well, but I don't think there is the equivalent in Spanish. "Recortador de cupones"?