course of excellence


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course of excellence

how to translate it correctly into Polish? any idea?

thank youuuu in advance! cheers!
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    The Course of excellence in Web 2.0, Online Business & Social Media Marketing (the university course for 20 pre-selected students only).



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    I would say it in Polish:

    droga do perfekcji
    kształcenie perfekcji

    'Kurs doskonalenia zawodowego' sounds for me like a course to get perfection in wallpapering, painting, dressmaking, carpenter, baker, car driving and other. Kinds of manual labor, what is still made in Poland by "ZDZ- Zaklad Doskonalenia Zawodowego" -Institution of Perfection a Job - something like that.
    It is like to change your ability from a worker to handyman/master/boss (there must be some better word). The level of abillity is changing from a person which can work by her- himself, to the person which can hold students or another workers.
    I hope you got an idea. So, I think the translation couln'd be just directly word to word.