court a girl

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    Could someone tell me some different saying of "court a girl"?
    hook a girl? hang a girl?

    I see a large difference between your question, which implies an honourable pursuit of affection and your proposed examples (which I have never heard but can surmise the meaning) that have a ribald ring to them.

    Ergo, more context would be helpful.


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    hook a girl? hang a girl? A hooker is in America a prostitute, and hang a girl would be an execution, neither anything to do with courtship. Americans used to say "go steady with a girl" and maybe still do. These days one apparently says, "I am seeing a girl" which sounds innocent enough, but in practice usually implies sleeping with her.
    There are no doubt scores of other up-to-date expressions unknown to me.


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    I'm confused, too. Your question started out with the very romantic and sweet phrase "court a girl" and then you sort of descended into crass territory. :D

    You have to decide which level of expression you want to be on:
    Romantic and uplifting or crude and sort of dirty.

    Some generic phrases in AE:
    dating a girl
    seeing a girl
    going out with a girl


    Thomas Tompion

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    Hi, I might be wrong, but I remembered seeing hook a girl used in the Friends. My memory is like a sieve.
    Maybe you did, Kenny, but to me to hook a girl suggests to pick up a girl for a one-night stand. To court a girl is another thing entirely, it suggests the process of prolonged maturing of a relationship from casual acquaintanceship towards marriage. With some couples it takes longer than with others.


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    Thank you very much for all the interpretations,especially for Thomas'explanation of "hook a girl" and camaysar's "ways of saying". I think both the bright way to express it and even dirty that i am pleased to learn.


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    Arrius is perfectly right in saying "hang a girl" would mean killing her :D

    But some people might say they hang out with a girl (even if I'm more used to this expression in terms of friends spending time together, rather than couples).


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    "Hook up with a girl" might mean to establish a relationship, but is most often used nowadays to refer to sexual relations without an established romantic relationship.

    To "hook a girl" reminds me of to "hook a fish," but this is not idiomatic. To "land a girl" might be used in the same manner as one "lands a fish" (catches a fish), but the use of the verb "land" is not common when talking about relationships. We do say "land a contract" and "land a job," though.