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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Mona Lisa, Dec 31, 2005.

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    Can someone help me translate these phrases from a letter? Thank you so much. Here they are:

    Per aprire correttamente un fascicolo a suo nome e a seconda del caso che la riguarda, ...

    I believe the first part means "In order to correctly create a file (or record?) in your name..." But what does the rest mean? Does it mean "and according to the case that pertains to you"? OR does it mean "and in the second instance that pertains to you"?

    As far as I know, there is no case or incident that brought about this letter. It is simply asking someone to register with his country's consulate.

    la prego pertanto di voler inviare per posta la seguente documentazione:

    This is the remainder of sentence #1.

    Invia sua lettera. Le segnalo che tali documenti (qualora non ne disponga già) devono essere richiesti al Governo americano.

    The letter then asks for a particular document(s) or letter(s) to prove residency status. I have no idea about "Le segnalo." I think the rest of the sentence says if the letter/document hasn't been prepared yet, you have to request it from the American government (?)

    Augurandomi che accolga tempestivamente il nostro invito...
    Really need help with that one.

    The letter is signed Min. Plen <person's name>. Does anyone know what this title is in Italian and what would be the English equivalent?
  2. I'll attempt part of this. Remember I am not Italian and you may wish to wait for other opinions:

    It is to be hoped that you can respond in a timely manner to our request ...

    I'm going to guess "Minister Plenipotentiary," a diplomatic title.
  3. Here's my guess on this part:

    To open properly a file under your name and the case with which it is associated . . .
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    I think carrick got the rest. I have to say Italian bureaucratic language is even worse than the American equivalent...
  5. Mona Lisa Member

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    I see what you mean, ElaineG. I ask for more help on this forum whenever one of my friends or relatives receives a letter from the Italian government than I do at any other time. ;)

    Thank you ElaineG and carrickp for your very helpful posts. With those sentence meanings clarified, I was able to finish the translation of the letter. :thumbsup:

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