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taken from BBC series "Hunt". Narrator talking about gepard. He says: Her strategy is to use cover, wearing it like a cloak of invisibility.

That sentence confuses me. "Use cover", means that gepard hides? But how hiding can be "like wearing a cloak of invisibility"?
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    Narrator talking about gepard. :cross:
    The narrator talking about the cheetah. :tick:

    Cover = any item or feature that is (i) part of the surroundings, and (ii) that can be used to conceal oneself or something or (iii) make it difficult for another person or animal to see oneself or something.

    To use cover -> to take advantage of cover.

    The cheetah does not exactly hide. It moves in places where it is difficult or impossible to be seen. This difficulty is likened to the effect of a cloak of invisibility.


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    Thank you for helping and correcting my spelling mistakes!

    PS I know that article using is my big problem. :) "Gepard" instead "cheetah" was memory trick. "Gepard" means in Estonian cheetah :)
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