Cover up in a superficial way

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Dear life

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India- Bengali
Hello everyone:)
Is there a proverb meaning to hide something or cover something up in a superficial way, so one can distract someone's attention from it to another topic/matter/ thing- There's a saying in Bengali that might help you understand the situation- the proverb, if translated, says- 'to try to cover fish up with herbs/ one can't cover fish up with herbs'.

Could you please help??

And a little thing!- As I'm dropping by at such a crazy time, I can't help wishing luck to all the teams and players participating in World Cup...
Good luck, 'World'!
  • PaulQ

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    The the exact context of how you want to use the proverb (must it be a proverb?) would help. :thumbsup:


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    It's not a proverb, but I think you could probably use the verb "to mask" in the way that you're suggesting there.
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