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Hola a todos. Estoy traduciendo una novela en la que, para mi desgracia, los protagonistas se pasan el día viendo partidos de críquet. Me encuentro con esta frase endiablada, en la que mi principal duda es el "for two" que va después de "covers":

Ross leant back and hit an attempted yorker through the covers for two, but didn't set off for what would have been a comfortable third, as he wanted to retain the strike.

Mi intento/chapuza:

Ross se echó hacia atrás y bateó un lanzamiento bajo a través de las cubiertas para conseguir el segundo tanto, pero no se preparó para conseguir un fácil tercer tanto porque quería conservar el strike.
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    "The covers" is an area of the pitch - the hour hand at about half past two for a right-handed batsman (or half past nine for a left-handler) and maybe 15 metres from the bat.
    They ran/took two runs meaning they both ran up and down the wicket ending up at the same end they had each started at. They didn't take/run a third (run) (which they could have easily done, it says) because Ross wanted to be at the same end as before so that he could take/face the next delivery from the bowler.

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    He hit it it through the covers for two (runs).
    The covers es parte del campo.
    Por cierto, un 'yorker' no es un lanzamiento bajo, sino una pelota lanzada que cae justo a los pies del bateador.

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    Muchísimas gracias a los dos. Espero que se termine pronto el partido porque traducirlo es endiablado.