COVID (no disease)


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I hope you guys slept well because this is simply stunning.
I'm shocked by something I just found.
All the wordheads out there are going to love this.
The word covid in a book from 1946!
This book is in Spanish.
Its title is Manual del marino, something like Handbook of Mariner.
It was originally written in German by Müller/Klauss/Berger.
This is the Spanish edition published by Editorial Gustavo Gili in Barcelona in the year 1946.

The word appears in the stowage chapter, in a board of equivalences of units of measurement of lenth, in the section of China
(what a coincidence, isn't it?).

This way:
1 Yin=10 pies (tschi,covid)=3,73m
1 Tschi=10 tsun=0,373m

See the pictures below.

It cannot be a misprint because the word can also be found in the index at the end of the book.
I think it must be an archaic term for a chinese measure but it is just my suspicion.
I'm afraid it won't be easy but Could any of you solve this question?
I appreciate it to those who do it and to those who try it.

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    Chap. XCIX.
    The Covid or Maccao, is rather a very small matter more than less than 3 quarters of our Yard and 2½ Inches or more, rather 29 Inches ⅝ of an Inch nearest, which Covid is used by the Portuguez.

    The Chinese have another Covid or Measure, consisting of between 14 11/12 of an Inch, and 14 6/7 of an Inch, which is divided into 10 parts, and each of those are subdivided into 10 other parts. The Covid or Measure of the Chinchoses, a Province of China, bordering upon the Province of Canton, and Eastward of Maccao, is but just 12 Inches of our measure, and is the ⅘ parts of Chinese Covid or Measure nearest.

    Then the Portugese used Covid or Maccao.