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    I think you're a prisoner of alliteration - cozy gives an idea of intimate comfort but it doesn't really translate into French very well. I suggest - une jolie petite chaumière, which is the term I've been using in storytelling, which sounds right in French. Of course 'jolie' means pretty, but from a French perspective it can have the meaning of 'desirable' which is getting near to what you wish to say. French furniture shops used to sell 'un cozy corner' - a bed with shelves disposed around it - another instance of 'upmarket English'.


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    yes, my parents used to have "un cozy", but we can't say that's is beautiful, it's only practical and handy. You put your intimate objects in it.

    Also, it's true that "une jolie petite chaumière" suggests the idea of "douillet", "où il fait bon vivre"

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