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In the specification for the washing machine there is an item "Payment settings". (I suppose it will be installed in a community laundry and people will have to pay in order to use the machine). So the settings are:
01 No payment
02 1 Coin (NC = Normally Closed, coin meter)
03 1 Coin (NO = Normally Open)
04 2 Coin (NC = Normally Closed, coin meter)
05 2 Coin (NO = Normally Open)
06 CP Time
07 Single System
08 CP coin

I can't get what "CP" in 06 and 08 stands for.
  • PaulQ

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    I am 95% sure that it means "Credit Preference" - 5% says it is "Customer Preference" but both will amount to the same thing.

    06 = determines how much time you get per unit of payment, e.g. £1 = 30 minutes
    08 = what sort of coins you can use, e.g. in UK, that would be the coins £2. £1, £0.50p, £0.20p, £0.10p, etc.


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    Thanks, Paul.
    There is a small glossary of acronyms in the manual, but there are much more of them in the text than in the glossary.
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