Crâșmăriță (crâsmaritza)


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Hello everyone,

Do you know a word like "crâsmaritza" in Romanian? The contexte is this: "The wine was sometimes served by a beautiful 'crâsmaritza', the boss's daughter."
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    In fact the word is crâșmăriță (meaning: female bar tender), related to crâșmă (a kind of tavern or bar where they served alcoholic drinks in the Middle Ages).


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    There are several variations for this word and the Romanian dictionary entry is only for one of them:
    crâșmăriță -> cârciumăriță -> cârciumăreasă.
    A more appropriate English translation would be "woman publican" as in a person looking over/in charge of a pub & serving drinks
    Crâșmă is in fact a pub/public house and the word was still in use, manly colloquially, the 20th century.