Crackling (background noise)

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  1. franglo Member

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    Bonsoir à tous,

    Quand on regard un très vieux film, et il y a une petite bruit durant tout ce film que le réalisateur n'a pas fait l’exprès, comment décrit-on cette bruit? Pourrait on dire "le grésillement de la pellicule"? Où est-ce que je me suis trompée?

    Merci. :)
  2. themaster

    themaster Senior Member

    craquement (vinyle)

    bruit de fond/souffle(analog formats) cassettes/vhs...
  3. Laeti

    Laeti Senior Member

    Craquement et grésillement are both ok
  4. Punky Zoé

    Punky Zoé Senior Member

    France - français
    I'd say "un bruit de fond " (de la bande-son).
    Grésillement de la pellicule is not bad and it's a good description, a French speaker could understand it, but we don't say that. :)

    And sorry for correcting your sentence. (you can correct mine!)
  5. franglo Member

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    That's exactly what I wanted to hear.:) I'll go with "un bruit de fond" then, since it's more natural. Thanks for your help. :)
  6. themaster

    themaster Senior Member

    technically speaking a " Grésillement" is a SOUND DISTORTION(technical issue) that can be caused by many things the first being two frequencies that can be heared in the same layer (RADIO) or it could be a WIRE problem which ultimately end up with a Grésillement at the Speakers level.

    bruit de fond or souffle should be your solution here
  7. OlivierG

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    Toulouse, France
    France / Français
    For this particular kind of sounds, I'd use "crachotement". But without actually hearing it, it's difficult to say. :)
  8. franglo Member

    English, UK
    It's a film from the 1940s, so the sound quality is not brilliant. When no one is speaking, there's no music etc., there's still a fuzzy crackling noise in the background. It's almost cyclical, if that makes any sense...

    I'd prefer to use the correct technical term, but if no one is sure of it, I'll use bruit de fond instead. :)

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