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Hi. I found out that a crammer is a person that studies too much, the type of pupil with glasses on that isn't at all popular. Is it true, because not in all dictionaries this word is defined this way. Then, what other names can there be for this kind of person? A nurd, any others?
  • morzh

    I think it is either "geek" or "nerd".

    As for the "crammer", I never heard it used this way.

    Here's from the Free Dictionary:

    crammer [ˈkræmə]n (Social Science / Education) a person or school that prepares pupils for an examination, esp pupils who have already failed that examination


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    It has 4 meanings

    Here I put them in order from most to least common (in my opinion):

    crammer - a textbook designed for cramming – old-fashioned, popular up until the mid 1950s. Still appears very occasionally nowadays but rare and derogatory
    crammer - a special school where students are crammed - old-fashioned, more popular up until the mid 1960s. Rarely appears nowadays but derogatory.
    crammer - a teacher who is paid to cram students for examinations - a person who gives private instruction. - old-fashioned, popular up until the mid 1930s - derogatory. No longer heard.
    crammer - a student who crams. I have never heard or read it.


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    This is what the OED has to say:
    ... more rarely, a student who ‘crams’ a subject.

    I have never come across "crammer" used in this way.
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