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el guia

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Dictionaries give two translations for cramp, as in muscle cramp. One is calambre and the other is rampa. Native speakers tell me calambre is old fashioned and not used and that they have never heard rampa used in this sense.

Can someone tell me the current and correct word in Spanish for "cramp".

el guia
  • Robbie168

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    Old fashioned where? Here in Mexico it is widely used the word "calambre" which means cramp.

    "Rampa" is something I had never heard of.

    I hope the word is not being misunderstood by those who told you it was old fashioned with the word "esguince" which has a different connotation.




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    Spansh - Spain
    Rampa is also used, but more in a colloquial lenguage rather than calambre. This is occurs because people, spanish in my case, don't know the meaning of calambre and preffer to use rampa which as the same way sound "cooler" xD
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