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Sorry, clueless again. Same article about an immigrant in Sweden. Where did Ali and Najib hide in the last sentence? In some sort of an opening under the truck? What kind of box did they bang on? Thank you for your ideas.

Several days and bus journeys later they reached the notorious Greek harbour city Patras, home to many illegal immigrants. After a few weeks (...) Ali and Najib were able to find a spot in a cramped hatch under a truck.


“We couldn’t move, I lost all feeling in my feet and started to panic. We banged on the
box until the truck stopped.”

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    How did you find the picture so fast? :)

    What about the hatch? Could it be the narrow space between the metal box and the white & red edge of the truck? That would make sense to me, as a place where you can squeeze in and hide.


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    I searched "box under truck". :)

    I don't think you would describe that space as a 'hatch'. But who knows? In desperation, someone could, I suppose, attempt to squeeze in there.
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