Crane pad

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Je suis en train de lire un appel d'offres (construction) et j'arrive pas à comprendre ou à traduire cette phrase:
"Prepare a standard access road and crane pad cross sections and dimensions."

Préparer un chemin d'accés standard et sections transversles ainsi que les dimensions ....."

I really need you help
Thank you mush.
  • guillaumedemanzac

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    A "crane pad" is simply what it says a concrete pad/base for a crane on the access road so the crane is positioned in one place for the construction period - presumably so the crane can lift up and place the sections of the "bridge"(?) or girders/beams of a building in the desired position.
    "the dimensions" seems to be part of another sentence because you wouldn't "prepare ... dimensions" - so I don't understand the end of your sentence after "Prepare a standard access road and crane pad." ?? cross-sections and dimensions ... ???? context ??
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