Crap / Shit

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Spanish - Chile
Hi, this is my first post, so please correct any mistake that I could make in the process of making a post in the best way.

Is there any difference between the word Crap and Shit? I know that both mean excrement, but is there any difference of context or characteristics of the excrement? I mean: size, shape, etc?

  • machine626

    American English
    There is no difference in the meaning, just the vulgarity of the word. Crap is a slang word for excrement, but is not nearly as vulgar as saying shit. I would avoid using both words unless you're with close friends or are very familiar with the person or people to whom you are talking.


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    There's no difference in the size, shape, or any other characteristic. It's all " poop". The only difference
    is that shit is a vulgur cuss word that will get you sent to the principal's office or grounded, and crap will
    only get you a stern look from an old lady.
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