Crazy is as crazy does

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  1. derble New Member

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    I was just wondering how you might translate the saying "Crazy is as crazy does."

    The meaning is hard to explain, but it's basically asking the question, "what is crazy really?" Being crazy is relative. Pretty much, crazy is in the eye of the beholder. An action or thought is "crazy" based on the rationale behind it and the perception of it.

    I had a Mexican friend translate it as, "loco es como lo que hace". I wanted to get a few more opinions.
  2. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

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    Probablemente existe un dicho en español, pero significa que loco es el que actúa como un loco.
  3. ulala_eu

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    Galician and Spanish (Spain)
    In Spanish we may say "Tonto es el que hace tonterías". This is something Forrest Gump said in the film, but tonto means silly, not crazy. Maybe you can say something similar, like: Loco es el que hace locuras.

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