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This is a bit difficult.

An American is mocking a young Englishman, caling him "one of the Crazy Norm's boys".
Crazy Norm is in fact a nickname.
"One could not imagine what the taciturn boss of the young man could possibly have done to be tagged with such a ridiculous nickname, unless he wore ridiculous socks every day."

I don't get the pun.
  • Meille

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    "One of the Crazy Norm's boys" is a little odd; if it's a name, why is the "the" there?
    In any case, if it's a pun, maybe more context could help us help you.


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    Hi Quantz
    Are you sure it's a pun? Does it not just mean what it says: that the boss seems so strait-laced that the craziest thing one can imagine him doing is wearing ridiculous socks? Assuming his real name is Norman, that is.
    As for the "the", it does sound a little strange but perhaps less so when you think of "The Mighty Quinn" or "The Great Gatsby".
    Apologies if I've missed the point.
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