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Diabla Loca

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I want to get a tatoo that says 'Crazy She-Devil' in Spanish. What is the correct way to say this, "Diabla Loca" or "Loca Diabla"? Also, am I correct in using the female form of "Loca" instead of "Loco"? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  • Crescent

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    Yes, you're correct in using 'loca' instead of Loco. But I'm not sure it's 'diabla' - I think that has a totally different meaning in spanish.
    The word you're looking for is 'Diablesa' and yes 'loca' comes after it. So, my suggestion is: Diablesa Loca
    Good luck! :)

    dan get right

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    hi !!! I'm spanish and you can say ' diabla loca ' There's nothing bad with that. ' diablesa' at least for me and people over here, sounds a little bit 'old- fashioned', odd. I think 'diabla' looks better.Anyway you can tatoo ' diablesa' if you want. That's up to you!!

    I hope this will help you, enjoy your tatoo!!!
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