• fragile1, would you really say nie bądź głupi to someone to mean "don't be silly"? To me it's slightly offensive; also depending on context of course.

    I think nie wygłupiaj się is a better option. :) But then again, you haven't provided any context so there might be some differences depending on it.


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    Majlo, 'don't be silly' literally means 'nie badz glupi', 'don't be crazy', ' nie badz wariatem', or maybe better sounds 'nie wariuj'.
    Nie wyglupiaj sie is more in English 'don't make monkey business', or something similar.
    And you think literal translation are always accurate?

    Nie bądź głupi sounds offensive (though it doesn't have to be so in an appropriate context - and that's what we're missing) and it's million miles away from don't be silly.
    Don't be silly is more like nie bądź głupiutki but nie wygłupiaj się is, I think, more natural way to convey the idea. Summing up, nie bądź głupi is not an option here in my opinion.


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    i agree that nie bądź głupi is definitely offensive and can't be used in that context. nie wygłupiaj się or bądź poważny are much better alternatives. in some contexts daj spokój would also be ok.


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    Majlo and Agiii; I think that you are talking about what the author mentioned in his words. I do not know that. After the Kemlos question, I can say only literaly translation. There are such many situation in life, that I am realy impressed, that you know already what Kemlos would need those words for.
    And talking about literaly translation, sometimes is accurate, sometimes not. It depends of the context and situation.
    Are you really being serious now? You do not translate word by word, but sense by sense. Do you want me to provide some examples of literal translation?

    Besides we're talking whether nie bądź głupi is apt or not -- to me it is not, and fortunately not only to me.

    ... so you can or cannot avoid nie wygłupiaj się? You're contradicting yourself now.


    ... so you can or cannot avoid nie wygłupiaj się? You're contradicting yourself now.

    This reminds me of Walt Whitman who wrote in "Song of Myself":

    "Do I contradict myself?
    Very well then I contradict myself
    (I am large, I contain multitudes.)"

    Sorry but I couldn't resist to say/write it ;)

    And coming back to the topic - I agree that nie wygłupiaj się is a better alternative.
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    'Nie bądź głupi' could be used but whether it's offensive or not depends on the relations between them two in the dialog.
    Closer relationship - no offence.
    In relations based on respect/authority - well that could be just like asking to be kicked out through the door...
    Same like with 'don't be a dickhead' in slang. You wouldn't say that to your boss, now would you? :>

    'Nie bądź niemądry', well, that one is just too nerdy. I've been speaking polish for the last 23-24 years and maybe used it once or twice hahahaha
    Same with 'nie bądź dziecinny' - this one is a favorite of all that cold stuck-up female teachers at schools trying to make a pupil feel small and ashamed. Used often by older women to emphasize the age gap between you, to her advantage of course...