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If you want to memorize and remember this word you may want to <verb> a jingle.

What is the best verb to use in the sentence above:
1- Informally
2- Formally

If there is a better way of putting the words then I'd appreciate it if you did.

2 : a short song that is easy to remember and that is used to help sell a product on television or radio ▪an advertising jingle
Source: Merriam Webster
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    I would use "create". I don't know much about "formal vs. informal English", so I can't suggest two different verbs.

    Edit: I just saw your title, where you suggest "create" and "make". Both work, though for thinking up (inventing) a new jingle "make up" is better than "make".

    So that's four so far:
    - create
    - make up
    - think up
    - invent


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    You can also talk about composing a jingle. 'Compose' is the normal word to use when you are writing music and can be used informally or formally.


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    I would say "write" is the far more commonly used word in the US. You "write a jingle". It's the same as "composing" a jingle, but I it's more commonly used for sure.


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    I'm surprised to find out that compose could be used in informal situations. I guess because people get to see it on media all the time.
    I guess the best informal option is write as mentioned by MattiasNYC.
    I like make up too and I keep forgetting to use it even in other situations.
    Thanks to you all.
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