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I've just taken a test at school and there are two questions I want to ask:

First, the exercise was about putting the right word in the blank: " This ___ conditions near perfect for musical performance in the courtyard". There are 4 answers: creates, makes, causes and leaves. So, what I want to ask is that, should we use "creates" or "makes" in this situation, and is the pharse "conditions near perfect" correct cos I believe that it should be "nearly perfect" ( there was no hyphan between them)

Thanks for helping me :)

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    I think that creates fits better.
    With makes I would write "This makes the conditions near perfect...."

    "Near-perfect conditions" is a common phrase and I prefer "near perfect" or "almost perfect" in the sentence rather than "nearly perfect".


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    The question is somewhat flawed.
    I agree it should be "near-perfect conditions" or "... conditions nearly perfect".
    There is no context for "this" given. If "this" could be anything, that gives us a lot of room to choose verbs.
    If it was in perfect condition before this ("this" is the removal of something that made it perfect), then "leaves" becomes an option.
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