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I am writing an essay about strategies to improve group working. I have found that over the course of a group project, there are a few key moments where interaction needs to happen.

I'd like to use the word "emulation", but i'm not sure it carries the same meaning in english as it does in french.

Would a sentence like this one make sense?

"I will try to create sound discussion and emulation, especially at those key moments over the course of the project, such as the middle and prior to the deadline, so that the best quality is achieved for every single aspect of our work."

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
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    emulation in english means taking something as an example, and has other technical meanings in computing. it's not the same as in french. i believe the idea in french is more like competitiveness, as seen here in another thread


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    Thanks a lot, this is indeed not the meaning i was expecting.
    I think i will go for "sound interaction" instead.
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