Created Date/Creation Date/Created on


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Hello to All,

I'm trying to find a proper title for the form field that will contain the date of its creation.

In on-line translators I found two options: "Creation Date" and "Date of Creation".

As to me "Created Date" sounds more like "the date that was created" although I came accross such usage somewhere.

It seems to me that "Created on" is widely used.

But which of them is the correct one?

Thank you in advance!
  • Hi, I would go with "date of creation", "creation date" is a strange contraction to my ears. I can't see "created date" working, it doesn't work for me. Created is the past participle of the verb "to create", i.e. "I created". I could be wrong, but I don't think it works. The closest I can come is "what was the date when it was created?"
    Hi & welcome, Truant

    An alternative, and probably what I would choose : "Date created".

    Having written that, I've just realised that it's what Microsoft use in all their file management windows : "Date modified", "Date created", "Date accessed".

    (Not that Microsoft is necessarily a reference for good English! :p)

    Thanks to all of you! I see the world is full of responsive people :)

    I'll set my choice on "Date of Creation". Although using "Date Created" is also a good idea!
    In our official documents we write:

    Prepared by: John Smith
    Date: 9/18/2008
    Modified: 9/21/2008

    We don't talk about 'creation' anywhere in the document, but if I had to choose one of your options, I'd stick to 'created on'.