creation of proxy trade supplier

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I have a contract to examine with this article:

"The AGENT agrees to perform for the MANDATOR, the following tasks:
a) the creation of proxy trade supplier to the ultimate consignee of the goods comply with the orders of the principal."

Although I have read many commercial contracts I am not familiar of the terms in this article such as "creation of proxy trade supplier". What does it exactly mean here, could you please explain? I don't want the contract to have any ambiguous term, so any alternative suggestion with a certain meaning will be greatly appreciated.
  • boozer

    Senior Member
    The grammar of this sentence is very elusive.

    I would think the verb should be "complies". In addition I am unable to figure out who is who in this contract. I see at least 3 parties involved - agent, mandator? and, all of a sudden - the principal :confused: Plus the ultimate consignee. In a contract I would expect to find a clear definition of what each involved party does.

    I could only guess at the meaning as under:

    The agent undertakes to establish or incorporate a proxy company, i.e. a middleman/intermediary. This middleman/intermediary, already a legal person, undertakes to supply some goods to the ultimate consignee. This whole process shall comply with the requirements of the principal. I can only guess whether the principal and mandator are the same person. :(

    In short, I'm confused. :confused:
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