crecimiento vegetativo

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    Dear all

    To give you context i'm studying Contemporary History of Latin America (from 18th century Independence onwards)...

    In a section named Demographic Aspects talking about emmigration to the americas just before the independence movements started, there is a sub section called Crecimiento Vegetativo.

    I'm not entirely sure what this means...(¿vegetative growth?)

    any suggestions...?
  2. izascun79

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    El crecimiento vegetativo is the difference between deaths and births in a Country... it's called "crecimiento natural", also. I'm not sure how do you say it in English but I hope that it helps you. I've seen that vegetative growth in English is only applied to the plants.
  3. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Is it the Crude Birth Rate (CBR)? CBR in epidemiology is defined as the number of live births in a year divided by the population size.
  4. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    I think I got it now. Crecimiento Vegetativo is Population Growth Rate. It is the measure of how much birth rate exceeds death rate. It has predictive validity for the population in the future and it also considers the number of immigrants and emigrants.

    PGR = (Birth rate + Immigration) - (Mortality rate + Emigration)/Total Population
  5. izascun79

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    Crecimiento Vegetativo is not Population Growth Rate. Crecimiento Vegetativo is expressed as an absolute value, not as a rate, and it doesn't consider migration movements:

    Crecimiento vegetativo = number of Births - number of Deaths

    It's a measure of the natural growth of the population. I haven't found yet the expression in English! :(
  6. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Does it mean number of births minus number of infant deaths or number of deaths in general regardless of age?
  7. izascun79

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    Number of births minus number of deaths in general

    This difference indicates either increase or decrease of population. The number of infant deaths can be count in a ratio called Infant mortality rate which is the number of infant deaths divided by the number of live births during the year.

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    I agree with Izascun. Overall growth in a population = "Crecimiento vegetativo" +/- Net Inmigration.
  9. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    According to The World Almanac and Book of Facts, the total number of births minus total number of death is Natural Increase.
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    Thank's! I was intrigued!
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    Según esta página tambien se usa "crecimiento natural" en castellano:

  12. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    By what?
  13. izascun79

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    By the way that it must be said in English. I'd been looking for the correct expression "natural increase"... I'm happy to know it! Any problem? ;)
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    really useful thread, thank you!!!

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