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    I am a translator, from English to Chinese. Just now I met a phase"credit card dump", but I can hardly understand it. I entered the phase into google, but end in failure,no Chinese meaning was shown. Is there anybody that can help me? Thanks.
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    "Credit card dumps" are copies of information stored in the magnetic strips of the credit cards. The exact translation would be something like "信用卡磁条信息副本", which doesn't sound natural in Mandarin. I'll probably say "被窃取的信用卡磁条信息".
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    Can you tell me how and where did you come in contact with this phrase (phase) ?
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    Thanks,everybody. The document I translated was from Symantech, a very famous antivirus software provider. Every translator should regard what he or she translates as confidential, unless there is a prior express statement. So I can not disclose the detail.
    That was the first time I had been here.Right now I feel the forum is so useful.
    Thanks again.
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    This is the correct attitude! However, to put a word in the context (= the sentence in which) it appears is not violating any agreement, I think :).
    (Anyway, not insisting you to do what you're not comfortable in doing it is also a good attitude too :))
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    But the even better attitude would be to not publish the translation in the software product if there is not a consensus on what the correct translation is. And to ask someone else at "seemantech" for multiple opinions.

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