credo che la cosa si possa realizzare come acquisto

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    Ciao a tutti,

    I'm having some problems translating the meaning of this phrase - I find it confusing. Please could someone kindly check the meaning for me? Grazie mille.

    La prossima settimana ne parlerò con il presidente dei Lincei e credo che la cosa si possa realizzare come acquisto di un certo numero di copie in cambio della menzione sul frontespizio e forse di una sovracoperta che trasformi il libro belga in libro italiano.

    My attempt:

    I will be discussing this next week with the President of the Lincei, and I believe we can arrange the acquisition of a certain number of copies in exchange for a mention on the book frontispiece and perhaps a dustjacket to make the Belgian book into an Italian one.

    The parts in bold are the parts I'm not sure about ... in particular, how could a dustjacket transform a book from Belgian to Italian? I don't understand.

    Grazie mille di qualsiasi aiuto.

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    I have no idea, but that's exactly what they're saying :eek:
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    Grazie della risposta! I know, it's so bizarre ... well, as long as I'm not going crazy!

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